Carnivorous Plants

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All Carnivorous plants come from wet areas with poor soils such as wetlands or grow as epiphytes (on trees) in rainforests. They catch insects to obtain nutrients not available to them in their natural habitat.

Venus fly trap

The traps close by the triggering of fine hair. They hate being teased and being made to close. Remove spent traps and keep damp

Pitcher Plants

As with the fly traps keep damp in a sunny position. The insect crawls into the tube and is unable to get out due to fine downward hair and dies. The decomposing insects feed the plant.


Sticky hairy leaves that trap small insects. Some species have attractive flowers.

Carnivorous plants do best inside in a brightly lit position. A sunny windowsill is ideal. They do best sitting in a saucer of water to keep them constantly moist. Water by refilling the saucer. Carnivorous plants should never be fed with any fertiliser and don’t need to be force fed insects either. Most species will go dormant in winter, continue to care for them the same and they will come back in the warmer months.

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