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1. Log in to Shopify Admin

2. In the left hand menu go to 'Online Store' then go to 'Themes'

3. Under 'Pipeline' choose 'Customise Theme' 

4. In the right hand menu bar 'Presets' is a handy way to get started to adjust the way the site looks but if you choose a Preset this will wipe out any changes you may have made in the below settings.

5. The 'Colour, Typography, Header and Footer' menu items provide controls for every page on the site

6.  'Homepage' allows you to choose the types of elements that appear on the home page

7. The next 7 menu items are the individual controls for each of the elements that appear on the home page

8. The next 6 menu items control how the other pages of the site look. These are:

  • 'Product Page' which is where the product with price is connected to the credit card facilities
  • 'Collection Page' is a group of products
  • 'Blog Page' This tutorial is a blog page, it is used for writing articles that you can share with on Facebook/Instagram. It is a good way to bring customers from social media across to your website. If the article about a specific product, you can then link to the specific product page where they can buy.
  • 'Cart Page' where customer can see their purchases
  • 'Social Media' connects your Facebook and Instagram to the site
  • 'Checkout' where customer makes payment
After making changes, click 'Save' in bottom right corner and see the changes update in the preview on the left.

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  • Hi Anni, see the tutorial here on customising the theme.
    We need to add in the links to your social media.

    Michael Whitley on

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