Adding and Editing Products

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Click here to upload a product.

You will find this page at Shopify Admin > Products > Add new product

See below for specific items when adding new products:

Input the title, description and photos.

It is important to give the customer lots of information. For some groups of products we may need to link to another page to give more info. e.g For water features we should link to a separate page about maintenance and installation, so people feel confident to purchase.


  • Type in a new 'Product Type' or select an existing type from the menu
  • Vendor - not currently used as we do not tell the customer the exact source
  • Choose a 'Collection' so customers can easily find the product - this will likely be similar to the product type. 


  • Enter the price (including with GST)
  • The 'Compare at Price' is used when a product goes on sale. Enter the original price here and type the new on sale price in previous price box. The customer will see both prices appear on the site. 


  • Under 'Pricing' ensure the check box is checked for 'Charge taxes on this product'
  • The details of the tax can be edited at the link on right
  • The tax (GST) is currently set at 10%
  • The price input on the product page should include the GST


  • Leave the inventory as 'Don't track inventory'
  • If inventory is tracked when sales are made the system will automatically minus 1 from the stock
  • When the stock is zero it will say 'Not in Stock' on the site
  • Currently we have assumed that items on the site will be plentiful in the store and if not can be easily ordered. 


  • Input the weight so the shipping can be calculated.


  • Variants are used when a product has different types but you do not want to create a separate product entries.
  • This is good for colour or size variations. 
  • A different price can be shown for each variant.
  • The cheapest price appears on the front page


 Refer to the Shopify documentation Manual for a detailed summary of the product settings

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