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1. Shipping settings can be based on :

  • Weight or
  • Price

Weight or Price categories can be set for individual Countries or States

2. FN current settings are based on Weight aligned with Australia Post weight categories.

Each state's weight categories are set different to align with Australia Post's pricing. 

3. Free shipping for 0.0kg to 0.2kg is given for all states (this allows free shipping for gift vouchers)

4. Australia Post has a flat rate for shipping items of up to 0.5kg of $6.95 to city areas, so FN shipping rate is also $6.95 for all states (including country areas)

5. Incremental weight categories are set with different prices after that. 

See at right the pricing categories for Victoria.

Pricing for other states are set similar but go up in price for different states to align with Australia Post pricing.

6. Jump to the Shopify Admin page for the 'Shipping' settings.
For full details you can read the shopify manual here:

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