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How to issue free gift cards (or cards paid for in cash in store)

Login to Shopify Admin

Go to 'Products' > 'Gift Cards' > 'Issue gift card'

  • Gift card code can be customisable, may want it to match your in store system?
  • Choose the value or enter custom value
  • To email to customer, customer must have an account, search for name
  • Expiry date is customisable
  • A Note can be added, this is stored in shopify for tracking purpose, customer will not see the note

See the shopify docuemntation for more details:

 How to preview the gift card the customer will receive:

Products > Gift Card > Manage Gift card Products > Preview

See shopify documentation here:

How to edit the gift card image:

  1. On the product page > edit under the product section
  2. On the gift card itself > Theme > Asset > Upload. Then under giftcard.liquid check the filename is correct. See line 89 for 'OnlineGiftCard.jpg'.

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