Monstera 'Thai constellation'

  • $145.00

This cultivar of Monstera deliciosa sports creamy white to yellow variegation in flecks and blocks. These are young plants in a 100mm pot. They are just starting to form splits and fenestrations. The batch is very uniform in colouration and the best plant at the time of ordering will be selected for you. If however you would like to select one individually we can organise to send you photos of stock available. Please use photos provided as indication of current stock quality. Please refer to the image shown against a ruler as a size guide.

Please be aware that on a high variegation plant browning off may appear on patches with white or cream patches only. This is normal and not indicative of plant health.

Plants will be sent in their pot where possible however if they are too large for a postage tube the plant will be carefully removed from its pot and soil removed for postage. Roots will be wrapped in Sphagnum moss and the plant sent via express post.