Italian Terracotta

  • $2.95

Italian Terracotta is a timeless choice of pot. Available in a large range of sizes. Saucers to match are available. Terracotta will develop crazing as salts leach from the soil. This can be wiped off if you don't like this look. Please refer to below chart:

Pot to saucer chart

Pot size                                Saucer size

11cm                                     10cm

13cm                                    11cm

15cm                                     13cm

17cm                                    13cm

19cm                                     17cm

21cm                                     17cm

23cm                                    19cm

27cm                                     23cm

31cm                                     25cm

37cm                                     29cm

43cm                                    36cm

27cm squat                         25cm

31cm squat                         29cm