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Cactus House

Cactus if you can! Huge range and variety of easy grow and easy care species.

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Carry Bags

We now stock our own line of Fitzroy Nursery carry bags. Perfectly sized to hold 2 x 200mm pots. 

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Greenhouse Fun

<Watch the video> Where the fun starts. How to spend your time when your not in the shop.

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Australian Native Orchids

Monster Beauties

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Care Sheets

Care Sheet Index

Care Sheet Index

See our full list of care sheet in the list below. Air plants (Tillandsia) |  Bonsai  |  Bromeliads  |  Cacti & Succulents  |  Cyclamen  |  Cy...
Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidiums are hardy orchids suitable for growing outdoors in Melbourne’s climate. They grow and flower easily if a few simple steps are followed, and they are not the delicate exotics many people believe them to be.


Frangipanis naturally thrive in tropical and sub-tropical areas throughout the Pacific and Australasian region. They are easy to grow in sheltered situations in Victoria...