Botanageddon is here!

The greatest collection of rare and botanical curiosities we've ever sourced.

Much like a spring fashion launch this event will feature this seasons must have plants.

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October

#botanageddon | Special Event


Rare and weird plant event. The list of plants we will have available is giving us shivers! Some samples below, and more available on the day!

A limit of 1 species per person will apply.

The same stock will be available on both days, so don't worry if you cant make it on Saturday.

Cancel your plans

Get ready to cancel your plans. You don't want to be at the beach or your wedding and miss this one.

Come visit us

Can't make on the Saturday? Don't worry. We'll restock with the exact same stock and quantities for the Sunday.

Sharing the plant love

There will be a limit of one plant per species per person to ensure that everybody gets their fair share too

How to get here

Car parking is limited. The number 11 tram stops right out the front on Brunswick street.

Shopping bags

Please help us to bring your own boxes or bags as we no longer offer single use plastic bags.

Plant Covers & Plant Hangers

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Cactus House

Cactus if you can! Huge range and variety of easy grow and easy care species.

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Carry Bags

We now stock our own line of Fitzroy Nursery carry bags. Perfectly sized to hold 2 x 200mm pots. 

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Greenhouse Fun

<Watch the video> Where the fun starts. How to spend your time when your not in the shop.

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Australian Native Orchids

Monster Beauties

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Care Sheets

Care Sheet Index

Care Sheet Index

See our full list of care sheet in the list below. Air plants (Tillandsia) |  Bonsai  |  Bromeliads  |  Cacti & Succulents  |  Cyclamen  |  Cy...
Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidiums are hardy orchids suitable for growing outdoors in Melbourne’s climate. They grow and flower easily if a few simple steps are followed, and they are not the delicate exotics many people believe them to be.


Frangipanis naturally thrive in tropical and sub-tropical areas throughout the Pacific and Australasian region. They are easy to grow in sheltered situations in Victoria...