Indoor Plants & Planters

We have our indoor plant store located at 393-395 Brunswick Street Fitzroy.
The range of indoor plants we stock changes regularly as we bring in plant appropriate for the seasons rather than trends. This ensures that your new plant will acclimatise well to its new home, and gives you the best chances of success.
We have a few distinct sections in our store:
Displayed in our sunny window fronts you'll find a fantastic selection of cacti, succulents, caudex and related plants.
Throughout the store there are a great range of indoors plants, flowering orchids, hanging baskets and plants suitable for gifting. We have a plant to suit almost any situation.
We grow a range of collectable and harder to come by plants in our greenhouse which are brought into the store and refreshed weekly. 
There is an extensive selection of decorative pots for your plants. These can be glazed ceramic, lightweight, fired stone or Italian terracotta.  The range of planters in store is always updated so you can also find the perfect match to compliment your home or space.
Our staff are all qualified horticulturalists and have many years experience. Most of our staff are avid collectors of plants themselves and can draw on personal experience to help you grow your plants to their potential.