Verdant sanctuary

Verdant sanctuary

The client's of this courtyard wanted to create a lush oasis but didn't want things too manicured. The courtyard isn't huge but it did have a ledge that offered us an opportunity to create a mix of different heights using trough planters in a range of sizes. We planted up these troughs with a combination of spilling groundcovers such as Veronica perfoliata, grassy foliage including Kangaroo paw and some small spreading shrubs like Correa and Thryptomene. The species mix also included various Lomandras, Dianella, Philotheca, Hardenbergia and Acacia. 

In a large pot we have planted up a Brachychiton 'Griffith Pink' which we will keep maintained at around 3 mts. This will screen off the Air conditioner. Other aspects of this courtyard still to fill in are a Clematis armandii trained across an adjacent wall and a Bougainvillea trained across the courtyard entrance. We'll update with more photos as these aspects fill in.

Courtyard has been painted in a dark grey to update it and highlight the green. The darker colour also helps to retain the warmth of the day once the sun has passed overhead.

When viewed from indoors eventually green will envelope the entire view bringing the green right up to door.

All plants, pots and furniture supplied by Fitzroy nursery. 

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