The Andrew Thompson collection

The Andrew Thompson collection


Agave victoria-reginae 'Golden Princess'

Andrew Thompson was one of Melbournes most respected cactus growers and collectors. You may remember his stand at the Victoria markets under the name 'Cactusland'. Sadly Andrew passed away recently and with him decades of valuable experience. Andrew's legacy carries on in the many thousands of plants he has sold over the years and in the memories of anybody who ever encountered him at his stand or at society meetings.

                                             Haworthiopsis tortuosa

This month we were privileged to be able to obtain some specimen succulents and cacti from the collection of the late Andrew Thompson. Some of the plants sourced are decades old and plants of this size and age rarely come up for sale. We hope to share Andrews legacy through these plants. We hope that by ensuring they remain in Victorian collections that his work and life are remembered.

                 Oreocereus doelzianus var, sericata (Syn: Morawetzia sericata)

We have sourced plants of various size, age and price so that collectors from all walks of life can have access to this plants. This collection is now available in store to purchase.

Euphorbia Hybrid

    Euphorbia griseola X Bangkok X Nola Carr (Poss. one of Andrews hybrids)

                                                   Euphorbia obesa

                                    Euphorbia aff. decaryi (Old specimen)

                                             Astrophytum ornatum

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