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Shipping out hand propagated & lovingly grown tropical greenery 

We are pleased to be able to offer online purchasing that is open to all residents of non-quarantine states throughout Australia. Plants can be express posted or picked up from our store in Fitzroy. We are happy to send to a plant concierge service of your choosing if you require quarantine.

*Plants will be posted on Monday by express post.
Photos are a representation of the plant only. The plant you will receive will be selected from the best looking plant at the time of ordering.

These plants have all been grown by us in our purpose built greenhouses. You can read all about our facility and the process of growing here

Plant collecting has always been an important aspect of our Nursery. We travel the length of the country sourcing plants and developing relationships with growers and collectors. The plants we collect on these trips come with stories and valuable information from the people who grow them.

Fitzroy Nursery, known for its diverse and unique plant varieties, is adapting to changes in the plant industry. Due to the increasing use of tissue culture by plant wholesalers, it has become impractical to propagate many of the rare and hard-to-find plants by hand. However, we will still retain most of our stock plants, so if there is a specific species you desire, we are happy to propagate it for you.

Our Current Species List as of June 2024:



Anthurium baloanum

Anthurium crystalanum X magnificum

Anthurium dolyshistum

Anthurium friedrichsthalii

Anthurium Guatemalan hybrid

Anthurium pentapaphylum

Anthurium polyshistum

Anthurium polydactylum

Anthurium veitchii

Anthurium waroqueanum 


Dioscorea discolour - Native to South Africa, it prefers a light sunny position.Beatiful large heart shaped green ,olive and magenta leaves.This variety dies back to a tuber during winter.

Dioscorea elephantipes - Native to South Africa, it prefers a light ,sunny position in well drained soil. The caudex can be up to metre across with heart shaped climbing stems. Summer deciduous.

Dioscoria mexicana

Dioscorea mexican - variety yet to be confirmed



Maranta leuconeura massangeana Black Maranta



Monstera pinnataparitita /peru


Oxalis triangularis

Oxalis mexicana


Philodendron callosum

Philodendron corsinianum

Philodendron genticulatum

Philodendron rugosum


Syngonium chiapense

Syngonium batik

Syngonium fantasy

Syngonium starlight


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