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Events such as weddings, Presentations for Sale, corporate functions, photo shoots—almost any occasion imaginable—can be enhanced with large or small additions of greenery & flowering plants.

We offer a variety of plant hire and styling services tailored to real estate agents, home vendors, interior designers, architects, corporate functions, & retail displays. No matter your budget, we can help you create the perfect backdrop for your event or space with ease, including delivery and pickup.

Our two stores provide a wide range of plant choices and styling options, incorporating our furniture and pot selection. Visit us in-store to select what works best for you. For large events, we suggest visiting a few weeks in advance. Alternatively, you can always let our styling specialists choose for you.


For Real Estate Agents & Homeowners

we provide a full Presentation for Sale service, in house plant styling, & garden renovation.

For Architects & Interior Designers

- everything from short term hire for photo shoots to a full design & install service for more permanent spaces.

For Commercial Events, Exhibitions, & Trade Fairs

- short term hire of plants & pots including delivery & installation.

For Weddings, Parties & Events

- lift any occasion with lush greenery in beautiful ceramics or stylish contemporary containers.


Plant, Pot & Outdoor Furniture Hire Pricing

24 hr plant hire at 30% of retail cost of any plants, pots, & furniture in store.

Longer term & Weekend hire is available at 50% of retail cost.

Labour to install & collect is an additional $75 per person per hour.

$100 onsite inspection charge to be taken off the final price.

Minimum hire fee of $250 applies.

You’re welcome to view & discuss options in store at any time, free of charge!


Pricing Example

A typical courtyard scenario may be as follows:

Labour 3-8 hours at $85/hr

Plants 6-10 x 14cm pot at $18ea

Shrubs 2-10 x 20cm pot at $30ea

Pots 10-15 at $5ea

Rubbish removal $50-$150

Total approx $500 - $1500


Why Choose Us?

We’ve created a unique and desirable aesthetic, which we proudly imbue into our plant hire & styling service. Our goal is to surpass the drab plant choices and stark cube planters that dominate the plant hire industry.

We have two unique nursery shops located across the road from each other, offering the full range of floor stock for hire. This gives you an unparalleled choice of feature plants, stock variety, different pot colours & materials, furniture, bric-a-brac, & our one-of-a-kind artwork & metalwork pieces to utilise for your event.



Please call or email to make a time for a consultation:

p. 03 9417 3272


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