Ideally position your cyclamen outside where it receives a few hours of morning sun or good filtered sun all day. Cyclamen may be used as an indoor decoration but we recommend that they are placed outside each evening, particularly when heating is on. Whilst indoors, give your cyclamen a well-lit ventilated position.


Plants should be kept moist but not wet. Water the soil thoroughly a couple of times per week (this may vary depending on position and weather conditions). Avoid watering overhead as this may damage the flowers and the overall health of the plant.


To maximise flower production, use a liquid fertiliser such as Seaweed Plant Concentrate or a soluble fertiliser every fortnight through the flowering period. Remove old blooms by twisting and pulling out the whole stem. Leaving cut or broken stems may cause the plant to rot.


When plants have finished flowering in spring, many people choose to plant cyclamen out into the garden. This approach is particularly successful with the miniature cyclamen varieties, which naturalise very well under deciduous trees. Choose a spot in filtered sun and make sure not to plant too deeply – keep the crown of the plant at soil level. Ensure the soil is liberally worked over with well rotted manure or compost before planting.

By following a few simple points of care, your cyclamen will reward you with prolific colour during the dull and dreary winter months. They make the ideal gift and a great alternative to a short-lived bunch of flowers.

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