Tillandsia 'Air Plants'

Tillandsia 'Air Plants'

These plants are epiphytes which naturally attach themselves to a tree, branch or rock. They come in many shapes and forms, some of them quite bizarre.

They are found in South America and the southern states of the USA in every climate from lowland tropical forest to high up in the Andes Mountains.

Tillandsias derive all their water from the humidity in the air. Their roots only serve as an anchor to attach themselves to their host. These traits make Tillandsias very forgiving and an easy plant to care for. They require almost no attention except a daily spray with water from an atomiser in the warmer months and a couple of times a week in winter. It stands to reason that plants kept in humid environments such as a bathroom will need less. Tillandsias prefer a bright location but avoid direct sun as it will burn their leaves easily.

Tillandsias are great for terrariums living off the humidity alone. It is important that they are not touching the soil or the sides of the glass. Another fun way to display them is to attach them to pieces of wood or rocks using wire, glue or nylon. Avoid copper wire as it can poison them.

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