Australian Cypress Pine Planter Boxes

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Great for balconies and small spaces

The depth of the boxes is one of the most important details to make growing plants easier so they have adequate moisture to draw on.




Vegetables, herbs & Citrus TREES

...are all able to be grown in our Cypress Pine planter boxes.



Fragrance & FRUIT trees

Planters are large enough to grow an abundance of fragrant and useful fruit all year round.





Screening & privacy

Using citrus, olives, bay tree, rosemary, blueberry and lots of other taller growing perennials can give you privacy.




Seasonal vegetables

Annual herbs and vegetables can be grown and replaced seasonally so you can have a fabulous tomato and basil crop in the summer and a winter crop of peas, beetroot or brocolli.





Sculptural cacti

Cacti make for a scupltural addition to your garden.


Rope Handles

Our Cypress Pine planters come with rope handles for easy lifting.

Galvanised screws

Galvanised tek screws are used so they will not rust.

Natural Grain

Cypress Pine has a strong grain and beautiful fragrance. 

Sturdy BUILD

Planters are made from 25mm thick boards and reinforced at the corners for sturdy construction.


Timber is rough sawn with edges rubbed back to remove splinters


We also have planter box options with wheels for easy cleaning and relocation.

Sustainably sourced timber

All timbers are for our Cypress Pine planter boxes are sustainably sourced.



We have 3 sizes available

Custom sizes available upon request.

The Cypress Avenue range of planter boxes are available online

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