Growing Herbs and Veggies

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The key to success with growing herbs and vegetables in containers or planter boxes comes down to a few main points. SUN, WATER & FOOD.

1. SUN...

There are only a few herbs and veg that will grow happily in a low light position, the majority will need a good half to full day's exposure to be able to grow and fruit. If you have sun that moves around your space as the seasons change, then you can also move the planter box to follow it. Using a planter box with wheels makes it easier. If lack of sun is a problem you'll have to plant low light appropriate varieties. A bit limiting but it can be done.

2. Water...

Choose a container or planter box that makes life easier to have vegies and herbs not harder. An easy way is to imagine what your plants need, they have to pump water from the roots up to the very top of the stems. This means giving them an adequate soil depth to retain moisture so that when your not there on a hot summer day they can get by without you.



There is a world of difference between container growing and planting in the ground. Using garden soil in pots will mostly end up with the soil packing down like cement, which doesn't allow for drainage or air flow through the soil. Modern potting mix is like the foundations of a house, it is the basis of growing healthy plants. This is where you should spend your money, buying a high quality potting mix that allows drainage and still retains moisture and that has a slow release fertiliser mixed through will give you better plants than an inferior garden soil. A good potting mix will be moist when you open the bag. Fertilisers are easily added or a liquid feed combo during the growing season is best. 

Fitzroy Nursery have a range of Cypress Pine planter boxes which are ideal for growing herbs and veggies at home.

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