Oncidium species

Oncidium species

These spectacular orchids originating from South America produce their gorgeous blooms over many months in the right conditions.


Oncidium orchids prefer to remain indoors in a well lit position. They do best in bright light near a window (an easterly window is ideal). Avoid direct sun in summer but in winter a little morning sun can be beneficial. As with most orchids consistency is key to good results. Avoid large fluctuations in temperature and keep away from heaters and air-conditioners.


Water thoroughly (water till water drains from bottom of pot and then repeat). Allow to drain then return the orchid to its normal growing position. Never stand your orchid in water. Ideally fill a saucer with pebbles to lift the plant away from excess water. This will also create a humidity tray that can raise the humidity around your orchid a little. Oncidium orchids do not require abundant water, an average of once per week (less in Winter and when in flower) is usually sufficient.

Feeding and Repotting

A liquid fertiliser may be used monthly from September to March. Repotting is only necessary when plants become completely root-bound or the bark mix is showing signs of decomposition. Use a specific orchid mix when repotting - Debco 5-10mm orchid mix is ideal.

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