Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium Orchids

Dainty orchids native to the East coast of Australia. Dendrobium kingianum hybrids are exceptionally easy to grow in Melbourne.


Tolerant of extremes of temperature but protect from the hot afternoon sun and heavy frost. Best grown out doors in Melbourne in a position that receives morning sun or is partially shaded. Flowering will be reduced in heavy shade. Suitable for indoors while flowering. Can be grown on the branches of trees, on bark or in rockeries.


Keep moist at all times during the warmer months. Can tolerate a moderate amount of winter dryness.


Apply liquid fertiliser during the warmer months or when actively growing. Slow- release fertiliser may also be used on potted plants. Take care not to over-fertilise, as too much fertiliser may result in lush green leaves at the expense of flowering.


Only repot when so root bound the plants start to show signs of stress. Repotting into 5-10mm Orchid mix is ideal.

Native Orchids do not need to be pampered as they are naturally adapted to the Australian climate.

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