Greeves St Balcony

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This secluded balcony offered little in the way of room to install large 'off the shelf' planters due to a built in seat which ran the length of the balcony. There was however a slim ledge running around the perimeter. Due to the differing widths and spans a custom solution was required. 
Our fabricators made up a series of steel planters which we had powder coated in 'Pale Eucalyptus' to match in with some existing furniture.
For the planting palette we used exclusively native plants with a heavy emphasis on flowering. The plants used in this project for the trough planters are:
Correa alba 'Ice Chimes'
Chrysocephalum apiculatum
Pycnosorus globosa (Billy buttons)
Scaevola 'Fan dancer'
Brachyscome multifida
Chrysocephalum baxteri
Grevillea 'Mt Tamboritha
Grevillea 'Jelly baby'
Lomandra 'Mist' and "Seaspray'
    These are all either small growing plants or plants that are able to be kept in shape through occasional pruning. We used a native potting mix throughout to make sure they were in the most suitable soil blend. 

    In addition to the custom planters there is a larger feature pot with an Acacia 'Sterling silver' in it to help screen off an amenties cupboard with its soft, weeping habit.
    All plants are watered on an automatic sprinkler system discreetly hidden behind the planters so that to the casual observer it would appear that there is no irrigation.
    In the coming months we will update this garden as it fills in. In time we hope that this garden shows that native plants can be used just as well in pots as they can in the garden. 

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