Oxalis triangularis

  • $24.95

Oxalis triangularis. This beautiful and non weedy oxalis is otherwise known as the butterfly plant as it will close up like butterfly wings at night.

This Oxalis can go dormant in the cooler months or if it is left to dry out too much. Indoors it rarely goes completely dormant but care should be taken to observe seasonal variation in the watering. In summer they can be quite thirsty.

This plant is highly light sensitive and will orient its leaves towards the light source. therefore, It is important that this plant receives a good amount of bright light. It will grow best with a couple of hours of direct morning sun to keep it compact and colourful. Rotating the plant every couple of weeks will keep it growing in a uniform manner.

Plants supplied in 100mm pots. Plant will be sent in its pot to minimise root disturbance. Please note: These plants don't travel very well so if you notice the leaves starting to fail upon delivery, Remove the leaves and the plant will soon regrow fresh leaves as long as the plant is kept in a warm location.