Our new location is at 393-395 Brunswick Street Fitzroy call 94173272 or email us enquiry@fitzroynursery.com.au for stock enquiries


Fitzroy Nursery offers an extensive indoor plant and pot range as well as everything needed to help you indoor plants and gardens thrive.

We also offer Garden design and landscaping services backed by decades of horticultural experience and a deep understanding of the unique challenges presented by inner city gardens. You can view some of our previous work here

See our Landscape design and construction page or book a home consultation to discuss what will work best in your garden.

Our Indoor plant range includes everything from hardy, easy care and low light tolerant plants suitable for Offices, Hospitality venues and Homes through to sought after collectable plants of interest to the collector and plant enthusiast.

In addition to plants suited to general indoor conditions we also stock a large range of Cacti and Succulent type plants suitable for indoors in bright, sunny areas or outdoors for low water use gardens.

Our store is staffed by avid collectors with Horticultural qualifications and in many cases, many years working in the industry meaning the advice you receive will be based on experience and genuine knowledge. We can help diagnose issues with your plants and recommend solutions.