We are relocating! Our new store opening from February 1st is 393-395 Brunswick Street Fitzroy call 94173272 or email us enquiry@fitzroynursery.com.au for stock enquiries


The nursery stocks large feature plants and specimen trees for both outdoors and interiors as well as a broad range of medium and small plants.

See our Landscape design and construction page or book a home consultation to discuss what will work best in your garden.


  • Mature trees for planting in ground or pots. 
  • Cacti and succulents, advanced medium and small.
  • Daphne, Gardenia, Clivia, Murraya, and a comprehensive range of general outdoor shrubs and trees.
  • Seedlings and larger pots of herbs and vegetables.
  • Seasonal availability of fruit trees, berries.
  • Citrus varieties, lemons, limes, mandarin, orange and grapefruit as small and advanced plants. Some varieties are espaliered for smaller spaces and balconies.
  • Lightweight, glazed ceramic, wood, steel, stone, terracotta pots and window boxes ideal for balconies.
  • Contemporary sculpture and water features.
  • Premium potting mix, mulch and composts.
  • Organic and low impact weed control and organic fertilisers.


  • Upstairs in the gallery, you'll find larger indoor plants and handmade furniture exclusive to Fitzroy Nursery.
  • We have unusual and hard to find indoor plants and hanging baskets as well as all the easiest to care for popular indoor plants ideal for your office and home


Amazing cacti you just have to love! So many types, sizes, spines and soft leaves. Beautiful hanging sedum baskets, the trail of hearts,Devils ivy baskets,Hoya spp and so many more.

The nursery has a changing seasonal range displayed to give you ideas on how to enjoy your garden and interior spaces with the best plant stock available.