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392-394 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

You may remember our old nursery - the shadehouse draped with wisteria and our beloved metal gates nestled amongst it. Our old building was demolished in 2021, and the landowner rebuilt it, setting aside some room for us at the bottom.

Our new store opened up in April 2023 and continues to evolve.

As you walk into our new space you'll find our gates, which have been lovingly refurbished, the landscape design studio with an array of pots and then you can walk out to the lovely open courtyard to browse our range of outdoor plants.

Fitzroy Nursery offers an extensive range of outdoor plants and pots as well as everything needed to help your plants and gardens thrive. We personally select our stock to keep our quality standards high. We stock according to the seasons so you can be sure that the plant you are buying is suited to the time of the year. If you can't find what you're looking for we will try and order it in for you.








We currently do not have any outdoor plants available to purchase through our online store.

If you are looking to see if we do have a particular plant in stock do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email or through Instagram. We are more than happy to put stock on hold til you can come visit us to purchase it. Otherwise we can send through photos of what we have to you and take payment over the phone - this is great for those looking to purchase a gift for someone else. 

Our core range of plants include:

- A great selection of Australian native plants

- Citrus & olive trees

- Feature trees such as Japanese maples, weeping maples, magnolias

- Cyclamen, potted colour, seedlings and seeds

- Shrub and hedges such as gardenias, hydrangeas and murraya

- Climbers such as Boston ivy, star jasmine, creeping ficus, wisteria, bougainvillea

Call us on: 03 9417 3272

Email us at: enquiry@fitzroynursery.com.au

Find us on Instagram or TikTok with the handle: @fitzroynursery


Our new store - Fitzroy Nursery Outdoor

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