Elephants foot (Dioscorea elephantipes)

  • $195.00

Elephant's foot is stunning caudiciform that develops a gnarly caudex over time.

These are 8-9 yo seedlings off our own 50 yo plants at the nursery

Dioscorea elephantipes originates from the winter rainfall areas of South Africa and will go through a slight dormancy at some point of the year, generally during the warmer months in our climate. In habitat this is an adaption to help the plant survive the hottest driest time of the year. If the plant is continued to be watered through this period on a weekly basis the dormancy will be short (6-8 weeks). With-holding water completely will result in a longer dormancy and if plants are left dormant for too long they can be harder to revive.

Grown best in a bright position with some morning sun if possible 

The plant will vary from the one shown as they develop individually.

These Dioscorea are available in two pot sizes: 

125mm Pot

150mm Squat pot